How is Monkeypox Spread?

Pox viruses are airborne like Covid 19 but the viral load required to make someone sick is much higher so they generally require prolonged contact in a confined air space – generally.

It is MUCH easier to get Monkey Pox from contact with the secretions from the skin lesions. If the secretions come into contact with mucous membranes or an open sore, the viral load required to infect the host (human or animal) is much lower. 

Unlike Covid 19, Monkey Pox patients are NOT contagious before they are symptomatic – this in theory should prevent Monkey Pox from being a full blown pandemic as long as people with symptoms isolate. 

The quarantine for anyone with symptoms of Monkey Pox is THREE WEEKS!

Can dogs get Monkey Pox from humans? 


What are the symptoms/signs? 

Fever and blisters around the mouth and anus, possibly elsewhere. 

Can cats get Monkey Pox from humans? 

Probably. All mammals are susceptible to Pox viruses but they have only been studied in lab animals (rodents and rabbits).  It has not been confirmed in cats – yet. 

Signs/symptoms? Same as dogs we think. 

Can humans get Monkey Pox from symptomatic dogs/cats/animals? 


Can asymptomatic animals spread the virus from an infected human to another? 

Possibly, but spread would have to be from virus on their fur or collar/leash that come in contact with an open wound or mucous membrane. The risk is considered very low but possible.

Human has confirmed Monkey Pox what should they do to safeguard their animals? 

If possible, avoid contact with their pets for the 3 week quarantine. 

If they have already been in contact with their pets they should not allow anyone else to come in contact with their pets without proper PPEs.

Can I bring my pet in for medical care if I am quarantined for Monkeypox? 

For routine care, NO! Please postpone your appointment until after your quarantine ends. 

For urgent care or an emergency? YES – for curbside appointments only.  Please advise us when calling or arriving.  We will treat the patient as potentially infectious.  Staff will need full PPE including face shield, gown, gloves, shoe covers. We will limit staff and travel within the hospital to an absolute minimum and disinfect all areas the patient traveled through.

We will continue to update this Q&A as more information is available about the risk to our pets.  For human information, please contact your doctor or mainstream medical websites.



Dear Valued Clients,

As we hope you and your pets are keeping healthy during this unprecedented time, we must all remember that we are still in the midst of a global pandemic.  Bucks County has entered the “green” phase of reopening but we must continue to follow the protocols we have set in place at the hospital, both for your safety and the safety of our staff.  Unfortunately, “green” is not a return to life as we knew it and probably won’t be for a long time. On a positive note, we are now able to begin resuming some routine care and elective procedures. This is great news but we need to insure that we can continue to expand our services for your pets SAFELY. 

From the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, our singular focus has been on keeping our clients and staff as safe as possible while providing pet care within the guidelines established by PA and the AVMA. Unfortunately this meant increasing distance from each other. We closed the hospital to human visitors and maintained our normal hours of operation by splitting our staff into two teams to minimize potential risk and exposure for all.  

This hasn’t been easy and is a disruption for all.  If you’ve had a sick pet in the past 3 months, you have already experienced our busy phone lines, delayed call backs and difficulty scheduling appointments but you have also witnessed our staff’s willingness to go above and beyond to care for your pet, communicate with you and keep you and your family safe.  

As we add back routine appointments and services, our first priority must be to our sick and injured patients but we are working hard to facilitate the back log of routine care.  We simply ask for your continued patience and support.  

Curbside service is the new normal and there are a few things you can do to help:

  • Please reschedule when you can’t keep an appointment.  On a recent day we had 3 No Shows and a long list of patients who could have filled those appointments.
  • Bring a fully charged cellphone so the doctor can contact you during the exam.  If you don’t have a cellphone please tell us when the appointment is scheduled.
  • Schedule routine appointments well in advance.  We are currently booking annual wellness appointments three weeks out.
  • Allow additional time for medication and food refills to allow for delivery delays whenever possible.  
  • All clients are REQUIRED TO WEAR MASKS. You will not be serviced if you don’t have a face covering and will need to make a new appointment.  

The doctors and staff of Newtown Vet are doing their very best to accommodate everyone, but we really do need your help, understanding and patience.

We are in this together and will get through it, together.

Thank You,

The Doctors and Staff

Newtown Vet Hospital


Hello Rabbit Owners! 

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) is a highly contagious virus that often causes sudden death in domestic and wild rabbits and has been seen primarily in Europe and China since 1984.  There is a new strain RHDV2 that was first seen in Europe but has now been seen in the US.  RHDV2 does not pose a threat to humans but is being tracked at the federal and state levels along with the World Health Animal Organization.

RHDV2 causes lesions throughout internal organs & tissues and may cause fever which can result in death within 36 hours.  The incubation period may be as long as nine days.  Infected animals may appear dull and be reluctant to eat, have congested membranes around the eyes, show signs of nervousness, incoordination or excitement, seizures and make paddling movement. They may have trouble breathing.

Rabbits can contract the virus through contact with infected rabbits or with other animals or material – such as food, water, bedding and vehicles – that have been in contact with infected animals. The virus is very stable and can remain active for months in varied temperatures and over distances, enabling biting insects to spread it.  It has been seen on the east coast of the US.

The good news is that a vaccine has been developed.  In the US, Medgene has received emergency use authorization for their experimental RHDV2 vaccine and Newtown Vet Hospital has been approved as a vaccination site in PA. Rabbits need a series of 2 vaccines, spaced three weeks apart and will likely need a yearly booster.

To reach as many interested clients, in a least stressful environment as possible, we have set up two vaccine clinics and will add more if our clients are interested. 

Clinic Dates (must commit to both appointments):

Wed, June 1st  and June 22nd       4-7PM


Sat, June 25th and July 16th         2-5PM

Cost (including both vaccines):

During Clinic (for both appointments):

               Exotics Appointment         $107.82

               Vaccine                            $83.50

               Clinic Discount                  – $30.00

               Total Cost                         $161.32

Patient Requirements:

  • Rabbit must be at least 10 weeks of age.
  • Client must commit to two vaccine appointments 3 weeks apart and make a nonrefundable deposit of $161.32 when scheduling the series.
  • Patient must be an active Newtown Vet client or schedule a wellness appointment before they are eligible for the vaccine.

We will be scheduling the vaccine clinics on a first come, first served basis.  If there is additional interest we will schedule additional clinics. Please call us at 215.968.3895 to participate.


The Doctors & Staff at Newtown Vet


Today’s update is packed with important updates.  Please take a minute to review!

Ukraine 50/50 – We Have a Winner!

Thank you to everyone who supported our March Fundraiser.  Almost a thousand tickets were sold, and the winners were these beauties!  Your donations along with the Newtown Vet match total $1090 going to the World Central Kitchen and IFAW/Humane Society International and UAnimals. Thank you for everyone’s support!

We’ve gotten such a positive response, we will try it again. We will have another 50/50 raffle for Ukraine through the end of April. It is $1.00 a ticket. A winner will be chosen on May 1st

Veterinary Care in our Area

The state of veterinary care in the US is in crisis.  From burnout to increasing mental health challenges among staff, the explosion of Covid puppies and kittens and the shortage of doctors & experienced staff, many hospitals are being pushed to their breaking points.  Reduced hours, limiting the number of new clients and services offered are all impacting pet owners nationwide.

In our area, the two closest ER Hospitals – BluePearl Langhorne (CARES) and BluePearl Levittown (VSEC) – along with many other hospitals, are forced to periodically close to emergencies because of staff shortages.  As too many people have experienced, there just aren’t enough appointments to care for every patient. Here is a link to a list of ER closures:

Explore Pet Insurance 

One of the best preventive decisions you can make to manage your pet care cost is Pet Insurance.

We now have a new tool on our website, Pawlicy, a free comparison tool to help.  The website is free, and you can “build insurance” based on your specific needs. Not every pet insurance company participates in this tool today, but Pawlicy is adding new options every month.  You can find a link to their website at

Quick Updates

  • You may have already used our new texting service.  If your cell phone is the primary contact number on your account, you can now check in via txt when you arrive as well as complete pre-surgical and boarding paperwork.  Let us know if there is a preferred number for texting. The messages will come from the 844 area code. Thank you to everyone who helped us test this service over the last few months.
  • Saturday June 11th is the Annual Virtual CRPS/RSD Walk. Join our team and join us in person or virtually. Go to   and register for our team “Newtown Vet Pet Lovers”.  Cost is $25 per adult and $10 for kids 5-12 and you get a Walk T-shirt and Medal.  More details to follow…….
  • We are hoping to once again host our Annual Pet Fair on October 1st which is the first day of National Walk Your Dog week.  Any guess on what our special event will be that day?

We wish you all health & happiness and hope to see you soon!
The Doctors & Staff at Newtown Vet Hospital


Two Important Updates today:

Support for Ukraine

As we reach the two year mark in the War on COVID, we are all faced with a new war that needs our support.  We urge everyone to do what they can to care for the displaced Ukrainian people and their pets.  There are many organizations trying to help the refugees (be careful for scammers).  If you need an idea of where to donate we offer a few suggestions:

  • World Central Kitchen – founded by Spanish chef Jose Andres, this organization is providing round the clock meals to refugees at many pedestrian crossings
  • International Fund Animal Welfare (IFAW) – is providing food & supplies to animals being relocated with their families

From  March 14th thru March 31st, Newtown Vet will be holding a 50/50 raffle to raise money for the charities above.  Every appointment, surgery or medication/food pick up will have the opportunity to donate a dollar (or more).  On April 1st we will pick one raffle winner who will receive half of the funds collected. The other half will be donated to the Ukrainian charities.  Newtown Vet will match the Ukrainian donation up to $1000. It’s a small step to show our support and hope we can count on you!

COVID Progress

The need for Newtown Vet COVID protocols has not gone away but we are pleased to announce a big step forward in client contact:

  • Please, everyone who comes into Newtown Vet Hospital must wear a mask and keep it on at all times
  • We will continue to offer curbside and in person doctor appointments and surgery drop offs.  One client can attend appointments in person.
  • Clients can now come in to pick up pre-ordered food and medication. No need to call from the car when you arrive.

We are all as anxious as you are to get closer to our “new normal”.  We appreciate your understanding as we make gradual steps to make that happen.

The Doctors and Staff
Newtown Vet Hospital



Don’t forget we close at 4pm on New Year’s Eve and reopen Monday, January 3rd at 8am

Dear Newtown Vet Family,

Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Gratitude is a concept that can be broken down into three parts, one being recognition, the next being acknowledgment, and the last being appreciation. Many of you have demonstrated the impact this can have on our day to day lives and beyond. In a time where this quality may be harder to come by, we are constantly reminded by your kind words and gestures.

Veterinary medicine attracts people from many different backgrounds and beliefs and ties us to a common goal – to take the best care of the animals (and their humans) in our care. For a while, we were working behind closed doors for the safety of both you and our staff and we recognize the trust this involves. When emotions are high, we thank those of you who maintained your patience and kindness towards our staff, it does not go unrecognized. 

It goes without saying that Newtown Vet has created a unique community. It is with tender hearts that we announce our goodbye to both Dr. Angela Summers and Dr. Judith Palm this year. Both doctors undoubtedly made positive impacts on our lives as well as the clients and patients they cared for. We wish them both the best, they will be missed by all!  As we say goodbye to them for now, we also welcome our newest family member, Dr. Bairstow’s family has grown by one beautiful little girl and we could not be happier. 

After another unpredictable year, we want to thank you all for your kindness and generosity. We would not be the community we are without you. We recognize this, acknowledge it, and appreciate it.

The Doctors and Staff

Newtown Vet Hospital


As we pause to celebrate friends and family and all the challenges of the last two years, we want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. May your cooking and travels be peaceful and go well.

A few reminders from us:

We will close Wednesday, November 24th at 6:00PM and re-open Friday, November 26th at 8:00am. Please plan ahead for any medication refills and food pickups. There will be NO FOOD DELIVERY THIS WEEK but give us a call if you want to be included in next week’s order.

Like every other industry we are facing shortages and increased shipping times. We are doing our best to stay stocked for all of your needs but please plan ahead so you don’t run into any medication or food issues. We appreciate a 72 hour notice on refills. 

This time of year we always try do to something special to help the various Local Rescue Groups. While we are still limited in options, we’ve brought back some of your favorites to support the tirelss work the Rescues do. This year:

  • The Newtown Vet Pet Calendar that celebrates all of our furry friends (all proceeds to go to the Rescues) is here an ready to be purchased! They are $17 per calendar or 2 for $32. Makes a great holiday gift or for your home office. 
  • Newtown Vet Lip Balm is back! $1 each or 6 for $5 and come in 3 flavors (unflavored, pomegrante, & vanilla bean). All proceeds go to the Rescues. Can you say stocking stuffer?
  • Pet Coat drive is on! Drop off new or gently used coats through New Year’s. We will supply as many Rescue groups as we can.
  • We always accept towels, comforters and blankets for use in the hospital. If we can’t use items we share with the Rescues in need.
  • Cash/check donations are also accepted and will be divided amongst the Rescue Groups.

Kennels is officially open and accepting reservations. We are nearing completion of our inside/outside “face lift”. Thank you to everyone for their patience as we painted, updated and rearranged the hospital!

Happy Thanksgiving
The Doctors and Staff
at Newtown Vet Hospital


It is with a heavy heart but overwhelming support that we announce Dr. Angie Summers is stepping down from her permanent associate position with Newtown Vet effective at the end of the October.

Dr. Summers joined the Newtown Vet Hospital immediately after graduating from vet school and has been with us for more than 19 years! We have been together through tremendous growth of Newtown Vet and the growth of her family. Newtown Vet has grown from 4 vets working in a 4,000sf facility to 8 doctors and our state of the art, 10,000sf facility. We have been with Angie from her marriage to Danny through the birth and growth of her 3 awesome boys. We have “grown up” together and the impact we have had on one another will not end with this separation. We will forever be connected, and I am sure many of you reading this letter feel the same way!

Angie has been instrumental in keeping Newtown Vet at the front of the curve relative to treatment of behavioral conditions and too many areas of internal medicine for us to list here. We have enjoyed watching her grow from a freshly minted new graduate to a seasoned senior associate. She has lived our values at work and outside of work always supporting our community outreach and educating children with hospital tours and classroom talks. She has been a major supporter of our shift toward “fear free” vet visits. The impact she has had on her patients and their owners is obvious and further supported by her perennial presence as a finalist in the Best of Bucks/Mont Best Vet category which she has won multiple times.

At this time, Dr. Summers has elected to transition to an industry position where she can continue to impact the lives of companion animals by educating and supporting the doctors who serve them. We are sure that she will miss her patients and the clients that she has bonded with over the past 2 decades as much as they will miss her, but she is excited about this next chapter of her career. We would never want to see her leave but support her decision and wish her only the best.

With love from all,

The Doctors & Staff at Newtown Vet


As we all settle into the shorter days of Autumn and look forward to the outdoor activities of the season (football games, apple picking, sweatshirts and even an indoor fire…) we hope you are well and coping with our new normal.  Please take a minute to read three important updates:

Our Pets Need Your Suport – Proposed Xylitol Legistation

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener used in many everyday products, including sugar-free gum, vitamins, cough drops, peanut butter, and more. It’s also highly poisonous to pets, especially dogs, and frequently not listed on the ingredient label, making it difficult for pet owners to know to be concerned. Xylitol impacts your pet’s sugar levels, leads to liver failure and is life threatening if not treated very quickly.  The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center reports that xylitol poisoning calls have increased dramatically over the last 15 years. In 2018, xylitol-related calls increased more than 30 times over 2005!

To address the rise in xylitol poisoning of pets and better inform pet owners of the risk of xylitol, Representatives David Schweikert (R-Ariz.) and Greg Stanton (D-AZ-9) introduced the Paws Off Act of 2021 (H.R. 5261). This bipartisan legislation would simply require food containing xylitol to include a warning label specifying its toxic effects to dogs and other pets.

Should be easy, right?  They need our help to ensure this important legislation passes for all pets.  Please call or email your Representatives and ask them to support the Paws Off Act of 2021 (H.R. 5261).  Some of the local Representatives are:

Brian Fitzpatrick (Newtown, New Hope, Levittown, etc.)                          215.579.8102   (to send an email)
Bonnie Watson Coleman (Trenton, Ewing NJ)                                         202.225.5801 

A Change in Hospital Protocol – No Shows

As you probably know, the entire veterinary industry is challenged with increased demand for services, a severe shortage of staffing at every level and new COVID protocols further stretching resources.  There are more sick patients waiting to be seen than we can accommodate on a daily basis even with regularly overloading the appointment schedule. This equation just doesn’t work.

 We thank everyone for their patience with longer wait times for routine appointments and non-emergent surgeries. Unfortunately, we are currently seeing more than 13% of our available appointments filled with appointments that are eventual No Shows/Last Minute Cancellations.    These appointments could have easily been filled with sick animals if we had known in time 

Effective October 1, 2021 we are implementing a No Show policy for all appointments.  Any appointment not cancelled by 4PM on the previous day will be charged the exam fee for the appoint slot scheduled.  This is easy to avoid, you are sent reminders at least 3 times for all appointments, just let us know if you need to reschedule.  We do our best to respect your time, we need everyone to respect their fellow clients in need and our medical team as well. While this change will not impact the majority of the Newtown Vet family, it will hopefully help us see additional patients every day.

2022 Newtown Vet Calendar is Underway – Please Submit Pictures by October 25th

One of the fun things that hasn’t changed during Covid is our annual pet calendar.  Pictures can be sent to We will do our best to include at least one picture from every family and remember, no people please.  We hope to have finished calendars back before Thanksgiving & remember, 100% of the proceeds go to local Rescue Groups. You can reserve your copy today!

Stay safe and enjoy the Fall!
The Doctors & Staff at Newtown Vet Hospital


Happy July Fourth to Everyone!  We have a few updates to share with you that we think you will enjoy.

On July 6th, we will begin welcoming all clients into most appointments (wellness, sick, quality of life and surgery admit/discharges) for the first time in more than a year! Everyone entering the hospital will be required to wear a mask, vaccinated or not.

Who is Eligible?  All clients now have the option to accompany their pet into appointments scheduled with a doctor.  All mini visits (ie. vaccine booster),appointments for technicians (ie nail trims, pre-op bloodwork) and food or medication pick ups will continue to be curbside.  In addition, Curbside is still available for anyone more comfortable with that process.  One client can accompany each pet into the hospital..

How does it work?  You will call/txt from your car when you arrive.  When we are ready for you we will welcome you to the Front Door and into the Exam Room.

This change will provide both in-person and curbside options for most appointments.  Our lobby will remain closed to walk ins so please call/txt us when you arrive! Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have all continually adapted to new COVID realities.

Other Updates:

– Newtown Vet will be CLOSED on July 5th in observance of July 4th Independence Day.  We will open at 8AM on July 6th.  Please plan ahead for any refills of medications and prescription foods.

– Masks are still required for all in-hospital appointments.  We appreciate your cooperation with this safety protocol.

– We have launched a txting capability as another way of communicating with Newtown Vet.  You can click on the link on our website to txt us.  Appointment confirmations will now be done via txt (for everyone with a cell phone on file).  Pictures and forms can now be sent via txt.  As always, you can also continue to call us if you prefer!

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we move ahead.  Please be kind to our staff, they are only trying to help!. 

We look forward to working together to care for your pets as we take this big step towards ”normal”!

Thank you,

The Doctors and Staff of Newtown Vet