Hello Rabbit Owners! 

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) is a highly contagious virus that often causes sudden death in domestic and wild rabbits and has been seen primarily in Europe and China since 1984.  There is a new strain RHDV2 that was first seen in Europe but has now been seen in the US.  RHDV2 does not pose a threat to humans but is being tracked at the federal and state levels along with the World Health Animal Organization.

RHDV2 causes lesions throughout internal organs & tissues and may cause fever which can result in death within 36 hours.  The incubation period may be as long as nine days.  Infected animals may appear dull and be reluctant to eat, have congested membranes around the eyes, show signs of nervousness, incoordination or excitement, seizures and make paddling movement. They may have trouble breathing.

Rabbits can contract the virus through contact with infected rabbits or with other animals or material – such as food, water, bedding and vehicles – that have been in contact with infected animals. The virus is very stable and can remain active for months in varied temperatures and over distances, enabling biting insects to spread it.  It has been seen on the east coast of the US.

The good news is that a vaccine has been developed.  In the US, Medgene has received emergency use authorization for their experimental RHDV2 vaccine and Newtown Vet Hospital has been approved as a vaccination site in PA. Rabbits need a series of 2 vaccines, spaced three weeks apart and will likely need a yearly booster.

To reach as many interested clients, in a least stressful environment as possible, we have set up two vaccine clinics and will add more if our clients are interested. 

Clinic Dates (must commit to both appointments):

Wed, June 1st  and June 22nd       4-7PM


Sat, June 25th and July 16th         2-5PM

Cost (including both vaccines):

During Clinic (for both appointments):

               Exotics Appointment         $107.82

               Vaccine                            $83.50

               Clinic Discount                  – $30.00

               Total Cost                         $161.32

Patient Requirements:

  • Rabbit must be at least 10 weeks of age.
  • Client must commit to two vaccine appointments 3 weeks apart and make a nonrefundable deposit of $161.32 when scheduling the series.
  • Patient must be an active Newtown Vet client or schedule a wellness appointment before they are eligible for the vaccine.

We will be scheduling the vaccine clinics on a first come, first served basis.  If there is additional interest we will schedule additional clinics. Please call us at 215.968.3895 to participate.


The Doctors & Staff at Newtown Vet