Community Outreach

Newtown Vet believes in the importance of playing an active role in our community. We participate in local pet fairs, dog walks, charity events, and provide educational experiences to children’s organizations and students, as well as seminars for our clients and guests.

Newtown Vet’s Annual Pet Fair

Each Fall, we host an annual Pet Fair. It’s our chance to give back to our community and thank our clients for their support. The day is free for all guests, including food, activities, and educational seminars! Pets are welcome, too, and there is plenty of fun for the whole family, furry friends included. Join us for our next Pet Fair – click here to learn more!

Youth Education

We offer hospital tours and educational experiences for school groups, youth groups, boy scout troops, girl scout troops, etc. We are flexible and willing to do our best to meet your particular needs. Contact the front desk to learn more!

Community Events

Newtown Vet is active in the community and always looking for new ways to get involved with worthwhile organizations, events, and groups. Currently, we participate in several charitable fun runs, fairs, dog walks, and sporting events. If you would like to suggest an event that we could participate in, please contact the front desk to be put in touch with our Community Outreach coordinator.