Newtown Vet is happy to provide boarding services to current clients! All pets must have had a physical exam within the past year and be current with necessary vaccinations.
For dogs, we require rabies, DHPP, and yearly bordetella vaccines. For cats, we require rabies and FVRCP vaccines.

Routine Boarding

The majority of our patients qualify for routine care, provided by our team of Animal Caretakers. This includes all feedings, daily cage/run cleanings, 4-5 daily walks, and plenty of love and attention throughout your pet’s stay. We will happily medicate your pet as needed for an additional daily fee. If your pet requires more than 3 medications per day, your pet will be elevated to Medical Boarding.

Medical Boarding

For pets that require non-routine care, we offer boarding services under the care of our Senior Veterinary Technicians. This service is intended for patients requiring advanced care including (but not limited to) post-surgical care, insulin injections, fluids, and complex medications.


We recommend that you make your boarding reservation as soon as possible. Our space is limited, especially for larger dogs that require a run or double cage. 

"When we had to medically board our dogs, they were happy and comfortable to be there, and they had excellent care. When Oliver took a turn for the worse, the techs immediately brought it to Dr. Graham's attention. He called us, texted us, and kept Oliver right by his side all day." - Michelle F.

IMG_5082Boarding Packages

In addition to our standard 4-5 daily walks, always clean accommodations, and TLC from our Animal Caretakers, pet owners can elect additional services for their pet during their stay including:

  • TLC – an extra walk each day and additional playtime with our animal caretakers.
  • Spa Package – includes a bath (canine) or grooming with waterless shampoo (feline), along with an ear cleaning and nail trim by our trained technicians.


Sessions with our certified rehabilitation veterinarian:

  • Mini Acupuncture/Chiropractic Treatment – a gentle session to help relax your pet, improve their immune support, and enhance physical comfort.
  • 15 Minute Massage – soothe anxiety, calm stress, and relieve tension.
  • Healthy Rehab – a fun 30 minute exercise session with our certified Animal Rehabilitation team.


Be sure to check out the full list of canine and feline boarding packages when we admit your pet. If there’s a service you’d like but don’t see, please ask – we’ll do our best to meet you and your pet’s needs.


In hospital, Newtown Vet primarily uses Hills Prescription Diet I/D food, a bland, nutritious diet focused on gastrointestinal health. However if your pet has food allergies or is a finicky eater, we recommend that owners provide their own food. We will do our best to accommodate your pet’s particular diet and feeding schedule.


We are well-stocked with toys, beds, blankets, and food bowls. To avoid loss or damages, please leave your pet’s own belongings at home during their stay.