Pain Management

At Newtown Vet, we strive to keep your pet pain-free and stress free at all times. By doing so, we may minimize future medical problems that may be brought on by excessive pain or stress. And your pet will be happier for it, too.

Individual Approach

Fortunately, recent advances in medicine have increased awareness of the importance of pain management, and treatment options continue to expand. No two pets are the same, and your Newtown Vet doctor will create a pain management plan tailored to your pet’s unique needs. By building a relationship with you and your pet, your doctor will continue to adjust medications and treatment over time as needed.

Traditional Pain Management

Traditional pain management might include anti inflammatory medications, narcotics or narcotic like medications, nutritional supplements, weight management, rehabilitative therapy and/or joint injections.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice that has been proven to both heal and prevent illnesses. Using very fine, pliable needles placed at specific points on the body, acupuncture elicits a physiological response that relieves pain and promotes healing. Time and again, clients who may be initially skeptical of the benefits of acupuncture are astounded by the success of their pet’s treatment.

Laser Therapy

Lasers rated as 3b (cold laser) or 4 (therapeutic laser) are being used increasingly in human and veterinary medicine. They use specific wavelengths of light to encourage the normal function of cells and increase circulation to the treated area. Laser therapy can be beneficial in many ways, but it has proven especially useful in treating incision and surgical sites, limiting scarring, relieving the pain and inflammation of arthritis and joint disorders, and short-term pain relief.