Laboratory and Diagnostics

When your pet is sick, time is of the essence. Newtown Vet is equipped with a complete in-house laboratory that allows us to see results for most routine tests within minutes. Our diagnostic capabilities also include digital radiology and ultrasound screening.


Newtown Vet has on-site capabilities for all wellness blood work screenings, chemistry tests to ensure proper organ function, and urinalysis to assess the health of the urinary system. Urinalysis is also used to diagnose kidney infections, metabolic disease, and can be crucial in the early detection of kidney disease in older patients.

Digital Radiology

Our goal is to make x-rays as productive and painless for our patients as we possibly can. In that interest, Newtown Vet utilizes digital radiology rather than traditional, photographic x-rays. With our state-of-the-art equipment, the process is more efficient, images can be previewed immediately, and less radiation is required to produce a successful image.


There are countless benefits to having an ultrasound unit available whenever necessary. Not only does this enable our doctors to collect sterile samples for urinalysis, it also allows a clear view of your pet’s organs, where an otherwise undetected problem may be spotted.

Partnered Laboratory Services

Despite the fact that Newtown Vet is one of the largest general practice veterinary hospitals in Pennsylvania, we do occasionally need to outsource some of our diagnostics. Fortunately, we enjoy strong working relationships with several partner laboratories including the University of Pennsylvania, Michigan State University, and Kansas State University. Any test that cannot be performed in house will be completed as quickly as possible by one of our partners. 100% of all volume discounts Newtown Vet may receive our directly passed on to our clients.