Our Mission

Our Mission Statement was created through a combined effort involving the entire Newtown Vet staff. It not only outlines our expectations for ourselves, but the expectations of our clients, too. We aspire to provide the best care in a workplace that cultivates happy, fulfilled employees and a satisfied, close-knit community of clients.

The Newtown Vet Hospital is an organization that will recognize and appreciate the contributions of every employee. It is a place where everyone will acknowledge each other’s strengths and respectfully and constructively support each other’s weaknesses. Here, every employee will be encouraged to grow for the benefit of each other, the hospital, the animals we care for, and the communities we live in.

We will work in a state-of-the-art hospital that reflects the quality of medicine and surgery that we offer. We will create an environment and a culture that are welcoming and put people at ease. Visiting the hospital will be such a positive experience that people will not want to leave.

We will practice such a high level of medicine and educate our clients so well that no patient will die of a preventable or treatable diseases and disorders. We will use the best tools available to successfully manage and prevent pain. Our patients will live longer, healthier lives, and in doing so, positively impact their owner’s quality and length of life.

We will hold ourselves to the highest standards of veterinary care and distinguish ourselves within the industry and our community as an exceptional hospital, an exceptional team, and exceptional individuals. Above all else, we will consistently show compassion to our patients, our clients, and each other.