Providing our clients with frequent educational opportunities is extremely important to us. We consistently offer free seminars on a variety of topics that are created to help our clients be responsible, well-informed pet-owners.

Dental Seminars

Newtown Vet offers bi-monthly dental seminars, led by Newtown Vet’s own Surgical Technician Supervisors. In these seminars, we discuss the impact that dental health has on the rest of your pets’ health as well as their quality of life. We explain the different grades of dental disease, why professional dental cleaning is important, and what owners can do at home. Vickie also explains the importance of anesthetized dental cleanings and how Newtown Vet will keep your pet safe while they are under anesthesia. Bring all your questions, and receive all your answers!

As an added bonus, Newtown Vet offers 10% off a pet’s upcoming dental cleaning to all seminar attendees.

To sign up for our next dental seminar, please contact the front desk.

Wine and Cheese Seminars

In early 2015, we launched the Newtown Vet Wine and Cheese Seminar series and were thrilled to see how well it was received by our clients. These seminars, offered on a quarterly basis, are a leisurely Saturday afternoon event that cover a variety of topics. Our guests are invited to join us for refreshments and an hour of educational discussion.

Our speakers include both Newtown Vet professionals as well as guest speakers recognized as experts within the industry. We are always looking for suggestions for new topics we can explore within these seminars and your feedback is greatly appreciated. To make a topic suggestion, or to RSVP for our next Wine and Cheese Seminar, please contact the front desk.