The doctors at Newtown Vet are experienced in a wide variety of surgical procedures to fit all our patient’s needs, whether routine or unexpected. Your pet’s safety and comfort is our top priority at all times throughout any surgery.


Each year in the United States, approximately 9.6 million unwanted animals are euthanized in shelters. Because of this ever-growing problem, Newtown Vet strongly encourages our clients to spay or neuter their pets.

In addition to preventing more unwanted animals, spaying or neutering your pet may prevent life-threatening health issues in later years. Unspayed female pets face potential uterine infection and a higher risk of mammary cancer, as well as behavioral changes related to going into heat. Unneutered male animals risk testicular cancer and are more likely to develop prostate cancer. They may also be more prone to urine-marking and aggressive behaviors.

Typically, spays and neuters are performed once your pet is 6 months old and fully vaccinated.

Orthopedic Surgeries

Several of our surgeons at Newtown Vet perform orthopedic surgeries, including ACL repairs and Patellar Luxation corrections. We recommend that all patients pursue post-surgical rehabilitation with our certified rehabilitation veterinarian for optimal recovery and to avoid further injury.

Soft Tissue Surgeries

This umbrella term refers to any surgery that is non-orthopedic. We perform many soft tissue procedures at Newtown Vet, including and not limited to: lump/mass removal, limb amputation, foreign body removal, abdominal exploratory, bladder surgery, and eye surgery.


"If it wasn't for Dr. Kohler encouraging us to have bumps on Molly's body removed, we'd never have known she had masses in her neck and mouth: malignant melanoma. We felt our dog really had someone looking out for her. Because of Dr. Kohler's treatment, Molly had several months she wouldn't have otherwise had." - Michelle F.

846a100e0a7b5e2cbd73dc8ad0a3931f6f5760b6Anesthesia and The Newtown Vet Difference

Regardless of the circumstances of your pet’s visit to Newtown Vet, his or her comfort and safety is our top priority. All surgical procedures completed at Newtown Vet (including dental cleanings) are performed under anesthesia. A highly trained technician will accompany each pet through surgery and recovery, with the sole purpose of constantly monitoring your pet’s safety under anesthesia.

Pain management is not only good medicine; it helps your pet feel better more quickly and may prevent adverse medical consequences associated with uncontrolled pain. During your pet’s stay, pain medications will be administered as necessary to assure that your pet is as comfortable as possible. We also offer acupuncture alongside most procedures. If necessary, your doctor will prescribe pain medications to be continued at home.