An Out-Of-This-World Event!

Hosted by Newtown Vet’s own Dr. Palm, this is an event that cat-owners won’t want to miss. Dr. Palm will be bringing her immense knowledge of feline health along with plenty of tips on how we can offer our cats a rich, exciting life, even when kept within the limits of our home.

Why “Cats in Space”?

In addition to answering all your questions about feline health and happiness, Dr. Palm will be teaching us all about how we can use the space around us to make sure our cats are living full lives filled with mental engagement and stimulation, and even demonstrating how we can better connect to our feline friends within our own homes.

Join us for refreshments, conversation, and undoubtedly, a few laughs. Expect to leave with a wealth of knowledge, a new appreciation for your pet, and even some free goodies for you both to enjoy.

Adults only, please – no cats or kids. Please RSVP to hold your spot!