Have You Ever Lost A Pet?

1 in 3 pets will become lost at some point, and 90% never make it home without permanent ID. Collars and tags are great ways to identify your pet as yours, but they can be lost or removed. A microchip is an easy, effective way to permanently identify your pet as yours.

Get Your Chip Scanned!

This week at Newtown Vet, stop by, get your pet’s chip scanned, and receive a bag of potato chips for your trouble! Attached to the bag of chips you’ll find a slip of paper with information on how to ensure your pet’s chip is properly registered. Without registration, your pet’s chip won’t help them make it home to you.

No Chip?

First of all, we’ll scan your pet to be sure. If your pet was rescued, it’s possible they already have one. If there is no chip, we’ll explain the process of implanting a chip (a quick, easy procedure – it’s a small, grain-like device placed with a needle), and we’ll schedule you an appointment to have it done.

Questions about microchips? Great! Ask us everything you want to know about identifying your pet, and we’ll give you all the answers.


We do not charge a fee for scanning a microchip! You do not need an appointment to have your chip scanned. You will need an appointment to have a microchip placed.