To all our valued clients & their pets,

March 23rd was the first day Newtown Vet closed to outsiders and split our staff into two teams to continue providing urgent care for all of you. It was a sad day, a scary day and one where our primary focus was on balancing state mandates, your safety and providing urgent care for our treasured patients.  We have not limited hospital hours to be here for you even when most communication is done electronically.

As PA begins to slowly “reopen”, the safety of our staff, clients and their pets will continue to be our priority. With Southeast PA still deeply in the state’s “red zone”, social distancing and isolation is still critical. At this time, nothing will change about our protocols for patient visits and dispensing medications and supplies. 

The greatest impact on patient scheduling and hospital efficiency has not been the curb side concierge, hourly disinfection of high touch surfaces, 3-4 times daily floor sanitizing or state mandated exclusion of “non-essential” care; it has been our attempt to maximize the social distancing of our staff and attempt to insure that we have staff available when you need us.  We have accomplished this by dividing the staff in half –  Team A and Team B.  Staff have not seen the other team or been together at work or outside of work since March 23rd

We are exploring ways to increase the available appointments each day, improve efficiency and to add back services that may have been considered “non-essential” a month ago but become more and more essential as time goes by.  We have started waiting lists for needed surgeries, overdue wellness and the beloved nail trims.  Please know we are as anxious as you are to start working on these safely.  We are building these lists from appointment reminders, client calls and appointments/surgeries rescheduled.  If you would like to be sure you are prioritized you can also email us at or we will reach out as the state allows.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during these difficult times and as always thank you for choosing Newtown Vet as part of your pet’s care team.

Please stay safe!

The Doctors and Staff
Newtown Vet Hospital