As we enter a new week, we are writing to let you know of some additional prevention steps we will implement tomorrow morning. We have no plans to close unless the situation changes drastically but we need your cooperation with the following:

When you arrive at Newtown Vet, please call us from the parking lot

 If you have traveled, have flu like symptoms or are caring for someone who is ill, or you are concerned about your health, we will come to your car to:

  • deliver food/medication
  • check you in for an appointment or surgical procedure.  We will take your pet to their appointment while you stay in your car.  The doctor will contact you with treatment plan and to discuss findings
  • Pick up fecal/urine sample drop offs

If you have not traveled and don’t have symptoms or are exposed to someone who is ill:

  • Food/medication will be delivered to your car
  • Fecal/urine sample drop offs will be picked up at your car
  • Appointments/Surgical admits – will be handled from the side door directly into an exam room
  • Surgical/boarding discharge – We will bring your pet to you    

We encourage anyone not feeling well or concerned about their health to reschedule their appointment.  We hope you continue to have good health and that the COVID-19 situation resolves quickly for all of us.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 215.968.3895 with all of your pet needs.


The Doctors & Staff of Newtown Vet