As you undoubtedly know, the coronavirus reached Bucks County in the last few days.  We are monitoring the situation and will continue to communicate with you if recommendations change but wanted to share some safeguards being put in place at the hospital today.

Please know that there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be passed between humans and animals.  This is a human illness that impacts immune compromised and elderly people most significantly.  It is not thought to be transmittable to your pets despite what you may have seen in the press but your pet could help to spread the virus from one person to another on their fur.

We are committed to caring for our clients and their treasured pets.  We have no plans to close unless the situation changes drastically.  We ask for your cooperation with the following:

  • If you are  concerned, sick/coughing/sneezing/fever, or have been exposed to someone who is, please reschedule appointments/surgical procedures if possible.  If you need to come to the hospital, please stay in your car and call us at 215.968.3895 when you arrive.  We will:
    • Come out to your car and take the appointment history.  Staff will escort your pet into their appointment and return them to you when testing is complete. 
    • Bring medication or food for pick up to your car
  • If you are healthy:
    • Appointments, surgical check in/out, boarding – Please check in as normal.  Your pet will be weighed and escorted into an exam room as quickly as possible and your appointment/admit completed in the room.
    • Food/medication pick up as normal

We hope you continue to have good health and that the COVID-19 situation resolves quickly for all of us.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with all of your pet needs.


The Doctors and Staff